My experience with the Ride for Black Lives

Like many others this year, I too have felt the urge to sharpen my knowledge on the systemic racism in this country and to involve myself with social justice events. Soon I found an event to get involved – on September 26th I attended my first “Ride for Black Lives”. This truly was a memorable experience and most definitely the most socially important involvement I have done (for now). I wanted to take advantage of the School Blog to share this experience with our school community.

When I arrived there were roughly 30 people already waiting. I was quite on time, arriving about 15 minutes early and my expectations had already been surpassed. I had envisioned a small, intimate group of about 10-15 people that met regularly to ride in protest. Shirts were being sold and I decided to go and buy one. The money would be donated to a charity that focussed itself on black trans lives. The meeting place was starting to get packed, however since there was a lot of space the Covid guidelines were still able to be enforced. Then the event started! It was all very organized and clear. I was able to learn from multiple speakers and we practiced some chants that would become very powerful during the protest. When we began to roll out, I estimated about 200 bikers. We took over the streets, made our voices heard and held up the traffic, going from Franklin Park all the way to Harvard Square. One thing that made a very good impression on me was the recognition of others. Every 30 seconds we would be cheered on or hear the sounds of car horns blaring in agreement. The feeling is indescribable. I felt very happy to find some familiar faces from GISB in the crowd – my flyers were read ;). I will make sure to share when the next “Ride for Black Lives V’ will happen! 

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